Amigos bar
  • 49 North Plantation, Saint Peter Port, Guernsey

Amigos bar is a party gem in the heart of st peter port in guernsey. Its the small bar with a big heart with our goal to provide a kickass fiesta to all that enter 7 days a week. We set up in 2017 and the business now has the name as the best atmosphere to go wild and dance like noones watching. We have a no nonsense attitude, your treated like a human being not a number. We built a great family vibe and do not see guest as customers but as friends. We open everyday and have dj’s on regularly with themed nights. We do a mix of wacky random shots, cocktails and basic spirit and mixers. We also have a beer pong table which is in constsant use. We are also the cheapest on drinks as we belive in rocking out and feeling the wieght of your wallet in the morning.