Cirrus Inns
  • London

We love this land. We love all the great things that Britain stands for - the glorious countryside, fabulous traditions, incredible hospitality and the amazing ingredients. And most of all, we adore bringing all of the above to you in our pubs and inns.

While all of this is important, our Family is everything to us. If you join Cirrus Inns you'll feel that from the moment you walk through the door. We believe each and every one of our Family members has something unique to bring to the table of our guests.

Which One in the Family will you be? You'll hear this a lot, it's our mantra. All we ask is that you bring your own brand of hospitality with you. You may have a real passion for wine, or simply be a gin guru in the making. You might bring a naturally good service and manner to all you do. We love this kind of passion.

We also give you great benefits

Cirrus Inns is a constantly expanding group of individual inns run by landlords who were chosen because of their entrepreneurial spirit. We are not a cookie-cutter group, we endeavour to make each of our pubs & inns unique with the Family. Just like you really. Now you've heard about what's important for us in a Family Member, you might be thinking - what's in it for me? We are a very progressive employer. We will reward you with an excellent set of benefits, you know the really useful stuff you actually want, like high street discounts and discounted dining in our pubs and inns too. It's a two way street in our Family. You do amazing for us. We return the favour.