The Old Boat Hotel
  • Padstow

Dear Sir/Madam,

We currently work at a hotel/restuarant and bar in the heart of Padstow.  We have been here through the height of the busy summer period working 60 hours plus a week which was not a problem for all at all and have currently been here six months. As much as we both have enjoyed working in Padstow, we want to progress and gain new skills, aswell as exploring the country.  I have a degree in Accounting and Finance and my partner has a degree in psychology.  We come from ten years of office background, I have been a despatcher, worked in call centres,, travel agents, insurance and estate agents.  If you want to see our previous CV's from the best ten years of office work just ask and we will send  We decided we no longer wanted to work in these professions so decided to move into the hospitalily sector and plan on staying in this for possibly the rest of our lives as we love it.

As for skills we have learnt whilst we have been here, I will start with me and then move onto my partner.

Ben Cowan

Bartender - I know every drink imaginable, order food from the bar to go through to the kitchen, I am friendly with customers whilst on the bar and keep everything stocked up and perform all duties required of me, from making coffess to serving pints and taking food orders.

Waiting on - This is quite self explantory, the food order at the bar and then is sent into into the kitchen. We work on a ticket system. The table eating then needs to be provided with cutlery and any sauces they need, then once the food is ready it is taken out to them and then a check back is done to check every is ok with their meal and then of course clean up their table after they have finished.

Cellar - I am a fully trained cellar operator, I can change barrels, rotate stock, change cask ales, rack and tap cask ales and of course change lagers.  I can also clean lines and make sure this is done on a weekly basis as the hotel expects.  I keep the cellar extremly organised and constantly know what is going on and what needs ordering in so there is no wastage and also we dont run out.  I would say this is probably my best skill, but I also am great at the other jobs I need to do.

Hotel - I am fully trained at checking customers both in and out,, helping with their luggage, making sure their bills are settled up and making sure their rooms are tidy.  Which we have a housekeeper for and also checking if they need anything throughout their stay.

Managerial skills - Whilst I am not currently a Manager, I have been entrusted with a set of keys to open the pub in the morning or shut it down at the end of the night. Therefore currently I would say I am being trained towards a Manager it seems, as I have been left several times now with no Manager on shift as I am trusted to run and cover other Managers when they are on holiday.


Joanne Heaton

Bartender/Front of house - My main duties are spent meeting and greeting customers including taking food and drink orders. I ensure they receive excellent service from the momemnt they walk in in the door to the moment they leave the establishment.  I pride myself on ensuring everything is to the customers satisfaction and try to engage with them with friendly conversation when necessary.  I have got to know many of the locals and spend time talking to them, which has been recipricated back to management. I work hard and am willing to work whatever hours the business requires.  

We are an extremy friendly couple always willing to go the extra mile and are extremly hard workers, we can easily handle 60 hours a week whilst at the same time if its quite we are happy to work less.

We look forward to hopefully joining your team.  if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ring Aus or email us.

Kind regards,

Ben Cowan and Joanne Heaton