The Oxford Wine Cafe

We love our wine and our mission is to bring you the best examples from all over the world, made by smaller, ultra passionate boutique style producers who are not interested in selling their lovingly hand crafted products to the supermarkets or big high street chains. We believe that wine should be fun and that everyone’s tastes are different – hence our large selection of wines at great prices. Tasting is a subjective experience and we are keen to introduce you to wines that suit you personally. Accordingly our staff are always able to help by giving extra information on the wines and help you make the best choices for you. Our events are always informal, fun and suitable for anyone – not just people who ‘know about wine!’ We hope that you will find our Oxford Wine Cafés to be small havens of quality in an increasingly busy world where you can meet friends and enjoy the wines you want at a great price.


A mix between a busy weekend nightlife and our great local customers during the week makes OWC a warm environment and a great place to work