Whether you have a day, a weekend or longer to explore, North Norfolk has an infinite list of things to do and see.

From the sand dunes that capture artists’ and filmmakers’ creative eye, to grass-lined lanes topped by endless blue skies, Norfolk’s unique landscape offers a quintessentially Great British getaway.

As an independent, family-owned company, we are passionate about Norfolk and we aim to share the best places to visit, experiences to share with friends and family, and –

because all of the best days out involve good food and drink, from five-star dining to the perfectly packed picnic – the spots to stop, chat and savour the moment.

We hope you will bookmark this page, share it with those with a passion for coastal escapes, and check back soon for our regular updates. Every day is different in Norfolk, and this is the place to discover what makes it the UK’s last unspoiled coastline.